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Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage

Long smooth gliding strokes that are rhythmic and flowing, pressure that is deeply relaxing, designed to soothe and relax you.

Neck and Back Massage

30 minute treatment.


Face, Neck and Scalp Massage

30 minute treatment.


Full Body Massage

1 hour treatment.


We advise that during pregnancy, massages are carried out after the first trimester 12 weeks.


Neck & Back Massage using our zest massage wax containing lime & mandarin then a Decleor Discovery Facial

Includes a revitalising massage, essential oils, and a gentle exfoliate and hydrating mask or clay & herbal mask - 1 hour treatment


Neck, Back, Face & Scalp Massage

A deeply relaxing massage that helps ease all your tensions away - 1 hour treatment


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Back, Neck & Shoulders (1/2 hour treatment)

A massage therapy that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. Used for chronic aches & pain, stiff neck, upper back, and sore shoulders.


Deep Tissue Massage Full Body

50 minute treatment


We advise that during pregnancy, massages are carried out after the first trimester 12 weeks.

Decleor Cleansing & Purifying Back Treatment

Decleor Cleansing & Purifying Back Treatment

Following our back diagnostic massage to relax a skin exfoliation and mask is used to target congestion. A must for pre-weddings and holidays. 30 minute treatment.


Decleor Aroma Blend

Refine and Firm Massage

A tailor made body shaping ritual for lasting skin transformation. A completely new approach to massage and body sculpting. This highly effective massage is completely bespoke to you and your refining and firming needs your therapist will blend a fusion of essential oils to focus on what you would like to achieve and how you would like to feel.

Refining massage (1 hour)

1 hour treatment.


Firming Massage (1 hour)

1 hour treatment.


Waist (1/2 hour)

1/2 hour treatment.


Light legs (1/2 hour treatment)


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Decleor Radiant Mum to Be

Pregnancy can take its toll on your body, so relax with our blissful Face & Body treatment. A comforting tummy mask that actively helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, plus a draining massage to reduce water retention. A skin brightening facial ensures you look as glowing as you feel.

Face and Body Treatment

90 minute treatment, including consultation time


Beach Body Buffer

The beach body buffer is a fabulous way to either start or end your holiday. Exfoliating your skin to either prepare for the tanning season or to Slough of dead skin cells after a spell in the sunshine.

Full body not face (1 hour)



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