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Complementary Therapy

Our complementary therapists are available on different days (please call for details)

The therapists are highly qualified specialists in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, unique to Natural Beauty

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage (45 minute treatment)

A deeply relaxing seated massage of the back & neck, scalp & face, working on all the muscles and pressure points giving you quick relief from tension and stress. There are many benefits of Indian head massage: helps with headaches and sinusitis issues, helps insomnia and stimulates hair growth.

Add a Divine Eyes self-heating mask for only £3.50


Indian Head Massage with Traditional Indian Head Oils (1 hour treatment)

Using Marna points on the scalp (Acupressure Points). Marma Points are Energy points in the body used for healing and stimulating various bodily organs and systems ensuring proper balance & flow.


Ear Candling

Ear Candling Therapy (45 minute treatment)

This holistic treatment equalises the pressure in the head and ears, good for sinus problems, hay fever, and headaches and for clients with compacted ear wax. During the treatment the therapist performs a facial massage around the eyes and nose paying particular attention to the sinuses.


Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth heated stones as an extension of their own hands. The heat can be deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage Therapy (1 hour massage)

Add a Divine Eyes self-heating mask for only £3.50


Back Hot Stone Massage Therapy (30 minute massage)


Back, Face and Scalp (1 hour 15min massage)

A back cleanse, exfoliation, hot stone massage plus a Decleor Discovery Facial!