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Electrical Facials

The Hydrating Facial (1 hour)

A deeply moisturising facial using galvanic iontophresis technique to push the hydrating gel deep into the skin


The Deep Cleansing Facial (1 hour)

A thoroughly cleansing facial incorporating the disincrustation technique using galvanic iontophresis to open the pores and remove the contents combined with extraction.


Goddess Elegance Glow – Electrical Facials

A complete new concept which combines the excellence of a ‘Non-surgical Facial’ muscle toning and lifting, ‘Pure Cleanse’ deep skin cleansing and ‘Active Hydrator’ intensive moisturising.

Pure Elegance (1 1/2 hours)

Complete three-stage facial


Elegance Lift (upto 1 hour)

Lifting and toning only


Elegance Lift (as above)

Course of ten


Elegance Lift (1/2 hour)

Eyes or jaw only


Enhance Your Eyes (upto 1 hour)

Combines Ease Your Eyes and Elegance Lift Eyes


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