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Handcare and Nails

We offer manicures leaving the nails bare of polish, with traditional Jessica polish and also gel polish.

Shape & Tidy / Polish

Nails are filed, shaped, and finished with the polish colour of your choice or left bare. Gel Polish also includes cuticles.

No Polish Shape & Tidy

Left bare or base coat


Shape & Tidy Under 10's

Jessica Polish


Traditional Shape & Tidy

Jessica Polish


Gel Shape & Tidy

Magpie or The Gel Bottle GelPolish



Our manicure is the perfect treatment for those who love a massage and want more than just a polish. Explore your senses with our aroma-filled treatment using the amazing Pinks Boutique and Mii ranges. During this treatment, we exfoliate, massage using a nourishing balm, care for and tidy both nails and cuticles and finish with the polish of your choice.

No Polish Manicure

Basecoat only or left bare


Traditional Manicure

Jessica Polish


Gel Manicure

Gel Polish


Mini Miss Under 10's

Jessica Polish - excludes cuticle work


Manicure Extras

Add any of the following to your manicure treatments.

Gel Removal (with new set)

Add to any manicure service (£16.00 on its own)


French Finish

Any polish type


Nail Art

Per 5 minutes


Gift vouchers available to purchase online, over the phone or in the salon.