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Strip waxing is ideal for larger areas of the body with thicker hair and less sensitive skin such as the arms, legs and back.

We use a warm wax with natural antiseptic tea tree in which is excellent for clients who are prone to in-growing hairs.

Half leg


¾ leg


Full Leg


Bikini line


Extended Bikini line


Full leg and Bikini line


Full leg, Bikini line and underarm


Under arm


Arm wax


Half arm wax




Lip or chin


Lip and chin




Lower back wax


Back wax 30 mins


Back wax 45 mins


Hot Wax

Hot Wax is perfect for strong hair in sensitive areas, such as the bikini.

The heat encourages your pores and hair follicles to open up making it easier to remove the hair and less painful. It’s also much kinder to the skin as it sticks to the hair and not the skin.

Perfect for sensitive skin.

Extended Bikini Wax

Takes the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini.


Under arm








Waxing FAQs

What areas can be waxed?

Many areas of the body may be waxed: eyebrows, forehead, lip area, cheeks, chin, back, upper/lower leg, underarms, forearms, bikini line — even hair on the knuckles of fingers and toes.

How should I prepare for waxing?

Body hair should be at least 1/4″ long. You should exfoliate your skin several days before waxing. On the day of your wax you will want to make sure you thoroughly cleanse the area being waxed and that the skin is moist but not greasy from oils or lotions. For an underarm wax, please wash off any deodorant because it stops the wax from adhering properly.

Does waxing hurt?

If its your first time having waxing can be uncomfortable because after shaving for years, the hair grows extremely coarse. The more frequently you have waxing done, the more the hair will begin to grow thinner.

Why should I wax instead of shave?

When hair is shaved, within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface of the skin and coarse stubble can be felt. Shaving commonly results in ingrown hairs, bumps and ongoing skin irritation. When waxed, hair grows back slower, softer and without stubble. Waxing will, over time, make hair growth finer, and hair will become less in volume; but there will always be
some re-growth.

How often should I wax?

This depends on the area being waxed and how fast your hair grows. On average, every four weeks is recommended for body waxing. For the most effective facial waxing service, the 1/4″ rule does not apply. On average, every 3-4 weeks is recommended for facial waxing.

DMK Hair Removal System

Alkaline wash is a painless hair removal system that is most effective when treating fine downy hair (peach fuzz) on the face, lip and chin, this type of hair is hard to remove as it is light so laser can’t be used on this type of hair. Alkaline wash can effectively remove the hair in 3-6 treatments but please be advised that every client’s physiological make up is different and medication can affect hair growth.


3 treatments £155.00


Lip & chin

3 treatments £185.00


Full face

3 treatments £275.00


Aftercare package

The products will last throughout your treatments


FAQ – Will my hair grow back thicker or darker after treatment?

It is physically impossible for your hair to grow back thicker or darker after an alkaline wash.

FAQ – Is Alkaline bad for my skin?

No Alkaline wash is used in many of our skin revision systems and is not bad for the skin. We always finish the treatments with the appropriate products to restore optimal skin health and home care must be used.

Benefits to this treatment:

  • Removes large areas of hair in one session
  • Weakens hair growth
  • Over time drastically reduces hair growth
  • Painless
  • Ideal for clients not suitable for waxing or IPL

Benefits to this treatment:

  • Improves Skin texture & colour
  • Reduces ingrown hair or folliculitis
  • Can lighten skin that has been darkened by waxing

DMK aftercare products are an integral part of the treatment and there use is vital to use after treatment. We cannot perform this treatment if the after care package isn’t purchased.

Patch test is required and full consultation before treatment.

Alkaline wash is a highly skilled treatment performed by Debbie only, the price reflects this treatment.