Medik8 Facial Peels

Medik8 peels are clinical-grade peels without downtime, they are the strongest peels we offer and leave your skin feeling smoother and looking more glowing.

Medik8 Prescriptive Peel

We utilise a range of peel solutions depending on your skin’s needs and your goals including Alpha, Beta, and Mono acids at the optimum PH level. Suitable for even sensitive skins due to our ability to fully customise the strength and level of treatment. Also includes a restoring and calming face mask. Add LED Light Therapy for increased results and to minimise downtime.

(C/F) (Recommended For All Skin Concerns but especially great for ageing and pigmentation).

45 Minute Treatment – £70

Please allow an additional 15 minutes for changing and consultation.

Medik8 Prescriptive With LED Light Therapy

A turbo-charged version of our prescriptive peel, we include LED light therapy to calm, soothe, repair, and enhance the benefits of the peel treatment.

60 Minute Treatment – £85

Please allow an additional 15 minutes for changing and consultation.

12 Weeks to Wow

Supercharge your skin results!

Taking our Dermalogica ProSkin treatments to the next level, our targeted treatments integrate our traditional hands-on treatments with cutting-edge technology to supercharge your results.

Medik8 12 Weeks to Wow

Imagine what your skin could look and feel like 12 weeks from now. Using the best available active skincare ingredients at home coupled with a bespoke combination of regular Medik8 peel treatments, your best skin could be right around the corner.

Our 12 weeks to ‘Wow’ program includes 6 Bespoke Medik8 peels spaced 2 weeks apart and 2 full-sized products specifically targeted to your skin’s needs.

6 x 45 minutes + 2 Products – £399

Medik8 12 Weeks to Wow With LED

Our 12 weeks to wow program with the added benefit of LED light therapy with every session. Minimises downtime and enhances your results.

(F) (Recommended for pigmentation, dull and lackluster skin)

6 x 60 minutes + 2 Products – £489